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What wIll be waItIng for you In RhInoplasty School In 2019?


Trainings start at 08.00 am every morning, do not finish until late in the day.

The 1 st day starts with alive surgery which is done by open approach and continue with presentations. These presentations are significantly important for participants in order to learn main techniques and philosophy of rhinoplasty.

The 2 nd day is for closed approach so the day begins with alive surgery again which is concerned with closed approach. Then as in the first day, every detail and indication are shared during the day with the presentations.

In the 3 rd day alive surgery and presentations are about revision rhinoplasty. These presentations include broad investigations of every nasal defects.

All of the presentations are interactive and with lots of images. Rhinoplasty School is appropriate for all different degree surgeons and English and Russian translators are prepared.